Interdisciplinary Artist, Socially Engaged Artist

...I create socially engaged art work paintings photographs drawings sculpture poetry
I reside work in New York City and visit Greece often.
For me text images digits moving images forms co-occupy mind space in virtual harmony easily effortlessly
Social media traditional media interdisciplinary transdisciplinary 
Expanding with others across time space geographies boundaries pixels in new platforms
I/we dance with the vital issues and and the art gets made.

Triada Samaras 2017

Above: c. Triada Samaras, 2012, The State of Greece #2, Digital Photograph, Variable Dimensions

All Works On This Site Copyright Triada Samaras. Please contact the artist for permission to use work for any purposes. Thank you.

Triada Samaras Greek-american Artist And Artist/activist Photography Painting Tex Media

I am an interdisciplinary artist activist poet
Is there any other kind
Who finds herself on the other side of the fence freeway fjord often
Is there any other place?
My work is motivated by personal and global issues:
Environment land use public space economics voice of self collective voice
House home geography identity transformation...