Triada Samaras is an interdisciplinary and socially engaged artist whose work has been featured in numerous national and international exhibitions and venues. Samaras is a New England born, Greek-American who has family members living on both sides of the Atlantic. She has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York for many years.

Samaras creates works in a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, drawing, street art, photography, texts, poems, essays and social media.  Her practice includes a wide variety of art media as well as situations in which she explores the complex meanings of the words "House/Home" in philosophical, geographical, political and pedagogical realms.  

She is a vocal artist and activist whose artwork often grapples with contentious issues in New York City and Athens, Greece, including identity, house/home, the human body, environment, land use and development. Her work explores both the private and the public ramification of these issues. 

Samaras’ “Greece 2012: ENOIKAZETAI/POLEITAI-For Rent/For Sale” project was featured in the Greek journal iefimerida in an article by Yanis Varoufakis, economist, the then newly elected Finance Minister of Greece.οικονομικός-αναλυτής-της-κρίσης-γιάννης-βαρουφάκης-τώρα-παρουσιάζει-και-έργα-τέχνης  (“The economic crisis analyst Yanis Varoufakis now presents artworks”).  In addition, this work is a featured project at Vital Space, an international space curated by Yanis Varoufakis and installation artist, Danae Stratou

Samaras has an upcoming solo art exhibition at the Paterson Museum in Paterson, New Jersey. Her art work is on current exhibition. Her art work is on current exhibition in the FL3TCH3R Exhibit: Social and Politically Engaged Artat the Reece Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee and in the Small Works Show at Atelier Rosal in New Jersey. Other selected exhibitions of Samaras’ works include: The Meropion Foundation, Athens, Greece; Vital Space/Nature and Humanity (international platform for interdisciplinary projects); Brooklyn Historical Society; Brooklyn Old Stone House; Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY; A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, New York; AthensArt International Art Festivals (based in Athens,Greece) Odessa/Ukraine, and Vienna/Austria; Macy Gallery, Columbia University; Millbank Chapel, Columbia University; Nancy Dryfoos Gallery, Kean University; James Howe Gallery, Kean University; Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, Brooklyn, New York; Governors Island, New York, New York; Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York; Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.

Samaras' poems, texts, and projects have been highlighted in publications and venues including:  City Limits Magazine, New York, New York; Vital Space/Nature and Humanity (international platform for interdisciplinary projects); Erato Poetry Publication, Brooklyn, New York; Inter-view Bulletin, Columbia University, New York, New York; Athens Journal of Social Sciences, Athens, Greece; Palmografos, Greece; Hellenic Voice, Boston, Massachusetts; Haverhill Gazette, Haverhill, Massachusetts; Nikos Kazantzakis and Thought Leadership, Athens Greece.

Other publications include: New York Post; Crains NY; MetroNY; Time Out NY; Gotham Gazette; New York Post; Brooklyn Daily; Daily Gotham, Gotham Gazette; Sierra Club of New York City Sierran; Time Out New York; Greek News  (All: New York, New York) and
The Brooklyn Paper: The Red Hook Star-Review;  BCAT/Brooklyn Cable Access Television; Brooklyn Cable News12, Brooklyn the Borough;  Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn; Pardon Me for Asking Blog; The Brooklyn Eagle; Brooklyn Courier Life; Brownstoner Blog; Curbed Blog; Brooklyn Daily; Brooklyn Heights Blog; Gowanus Lounge; Carroll Gardens Coalition for Respectful Development Blog; Brooklyn The Borough (All: Brooklyn, New York).

As an art activist, Samaras is Co-Founder of CG CORD/Carroll Gardens Coalition for Respectful Development and a member of the Gowanus Canal CAG/Community Advisory Group. She is creator and author of the CG CORD blog that has accumulated over 160,000 readers since its inception, highlighting pressing issues in the Carroll Gardens/Gowanus Canal using texts, poetry and visual art.

Triada Samaras holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College, and an MA in Art/Art Education from Teachers College/Columbia University. She is currently Adjunct Professor of Art at Kean University, Adjunct Professor of Art Education at William Paterson University.

November 2018



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