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Project:  The State of Greece 2011:  THE INDIGNANT CITIZENS OF GREECE

In June of 2011 in Athens, I encountered the The Indignant Citizens of Greece. For one month I lived close to Syntagma Square where the mass protests against austerity were held in and around Syntagma Square, and I documented and observed this protest movement with great interest, understanding its fundamental relation to my artist/activist work in Brooklyn with others. The photographic series below, The State of Greece 2011, is based upon the this time period. While nothing is new about civil protest in Greece, June 2011, was an exceptional month, even by Greek standards. An enormous number of citizens participated in the largely peaceful protests, including Greek people of all ages, occupations, and political parties. In addition, the Greek people utilized the arts to communicate with: images, words, colors, sounds, performances, and more. As an artist, I was mesmerized by this creative energy and activity and I observed a gigantic, artist/activist event taking place right in front of my eyes and my self. When I returned home to Brooklyn, the Occupy Movement began a month later in the USA inspired by both Spanish and Greek Indignants.  T.S. 2012

Triada Samaras Greek-american Artist And Artist/activist Photography Painting Text Social Media

Project:  The State of Greece 2011:  THE INDIGNANT CITIZENS OF GREECE