Project:  "GRAZIELLA RADICI"   A.K.A. Triada Samaras

"Graziella Radici" (or: "Grassroots") is an art/activist penname I adopted when I contributed activist poetry to the Gowanus Lounge Blogfrom 2007 - 2008.  Below are some of the poems featured at the "Poetic Development Page" at Gowanus Lounge. Some of these poems were also featured at the CORD/Coalition for Respectful Development blog that I continue to co-create today with the other CORD Co-Founders, Lucy DeCarlo and Rita Miller. Today, CORD's main concern at this momement in time is the clean-up of the highly contaminated Gowanus Canal. CORD is part of the Gowanus Canal CAG/Citizens Advisory Committee. See: "Is an Open Sewer Good Enough for you in Carroll Gardens/Gowanus? T.S. 2012

Poetic Development: Skyscrapers in Your Backyard


​Skyscrapers in Your Backyard
​Everything is education,
The way you brush your teeth
Up and down,  Or side to side is
Seen and emulated by your little ones.
The way you sit in traffic
Is it polite to curse
The suffocation of skyscrapersGrowing,
In your backyard?
The world is watching
From the back seat.
So you might say,
The heavy traffic gives us more time to draw,
Honey, and
The windows need to be shut tighter
So we can hear Mr. Mozart better!
While the hungry honk
In heat and shadows because
Brooklyn development is
In your veins
Seething now,

The flyers in your mailbox
Brought it to you yesterday...
(cont. at LINK)

Poetic Development: Ode to the BSA

"GL’s resident poet, Graziella Radici, who has been on sabbatical in the Cayman Islands tending to financial matters, is back. And so, we are proud to present her work about the BSA." (GL)

Ode to the BSA
Here I stand at the BSA
In the invisible room for another day

A board says:
Bye-bye, to neighborhoods 1-2-3 but….
Developers: We’ll make room for you in a JIFFY!

Never was a view so clear
Where the rights of so many New Yorkers
Are trampled each year

In a democracy, community voices do really matter
And neighborhoods are not a thing
An ill-advised board can simply splatter

The BSA is a numbers game: cynical at best,
That immediately needs to be laid to rest

Oh how I wish upon a star
That Avella’s BSA reforms
Could see the light of daylight
Near and far

And that greed for once could take a back seat
So that we real New Yorkers could stop to weep.

c.. Graziella Radici 2008

"GL’s resident poet, Graziella Radici, is not quite pleased with the Pubic Place cleanup plans and the way in which it’s being presented to the community." (GL).

Poetic Development:  Public Place: The intended use is housing, and lots of it



Public Place: The Intended Use is Housing, and Lots of It

That vast, contaminated tract of land in Carroll Gardens:
The intended use is HOUSING, and lots of it.
Public Place,
might be “sick,” but
the intended use is housing, and lots of it.
“We can fix this site for its next intended use,”
Department of Environmental Conservation,
assured the Land Use/Landmarks Committee
of Community Board 6 last week,

Assured the community,
The intended use of Public Place is housing, and lots of it.
The City presented the clean up efforts
to Community Board 6 of Public Place this week.
"Odors and dust are likely nuisances during the clean up efforts
that will take three years,"
The intended use is housing, and lots of it.

​c. Graziella Radici 2008/2012

Poetic Development:  Floppy Hose Wraps

"GL Contributor Graziella Radici resides in the Greater Carroll Gardens/Gowanus Metroplex." (GL)

Floppy Hose Wraps

Floppy hose wraps
Spins ‘round the living tree, sick and
more since hosting a noose
for the neighborhood,
Feeds the barren development site,

In long sleeping lines the re-bars await
On the shadows of a bottomless pit
Back hoes sleep,
A raindrop
Onto their apathetic

Coming down from the hill,
from the suburbs, comes the developer
comes, his pocket empty
to the field of dollar signs,
Empty poles on a highway
attach a back hoe to his sleep.

c. 2008/2012 Graziella Radici