Take Away, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
62 x 50 inches

The Door, 2015
Acrylic on Canvas 
47 x 47 inches

Selected small works.     Works on Paper.    Variable Dimensions

Bounded 1, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas Board
6 x 4 inches

Uprising, 2017
Oil on Canvas
50 x 66 inches

Brain on Fire 4, 2017     Ink on Paper         11 x 14 inches

In the Dark, 2013
Acrylic on Canvas
38 x 60 inches

Homeless, 2017
Oil on Canvas
45 x 72 inches

Triada Samaras Greek-american Artist And Artist/activist Photography Painting Text Social Media

1 Bachelard, Gaston. The Poetics of Space. Boston: Orion, 1964. Print.

Never Again, 2017    Pencil on Paper    18 x 24"

                                                                                                c. Triada Samaras

Home is hearth. Home is window. Home is doors. Home is walls. Home is skin. Home is sin. Home is talk. Home is silent. Home is sanctuary. Home is prison. Home is spirit.  Home is space. Home is secret. Home is caution. Home is red flag. Home is darkness. Home is light. Home is love. Home is safe. Home is not. Home is refrigerator. Home is enclosure. Home is endearing.  Home is entrapment. Home is form.  Home is place. Home is light. Home is reflection.  Home is deflection. Home is life. Home is dysfunction. Home is terror.  Home is light. Home is cinnamon. Home is apples.  Home is mold.  Home is dust.  Home is collected. Home is connected. Home is disarming. Home is alarming. Home is love. Home is war. Home is hope. Home is continent. Home is turkey. Home is shouting. Home is monetary. Home is overrated. Home is underestimated. Home is total. Home is cigarettes. Home is the last puff. Home is the last word.


Where is home? The words: house/home, are deceptively simple, referring to a universal icon people all over the world can easily recognize. Yet, these words construct an intricate labyrinth of spaces, memories, experiences, and perceptions. As an artist, I began constructing tiny house forms out of paper several years ago. Since that time, I have been creating art works on this general theme, House/Home, both in my studio as a solo artist, and in the community as a socially engaged artist. I create art in a variety of media including visual art, photography, writings, poetry, and social media. I have discovered the well-known, daily aspects of house/home, to reveal universal truths. And, home as an intimate place to dream in peace, as Gaston Bachelard wrote, is an important theme in my work.  In my work, both my Greek and American homes, past, present, and future all occupy interchangeable points time along a time continuum.  For me, house/home is culture; it is visceral, it is unforgettable. As an artist, I am forever wondering and wandering, and I am always dreaming of home. Triada Samaras, 2019

Homeless, 2017
Oil on Canvas    45 x 72 inches

Project:  HOUSE/HOME  an interdisciplinary investigation into the geography and the identity of home